Access Project

The Access Project in 2018


“Some people can use computers and some can’t, either because they don’t have one or they’ve never been taught how”.

Many people in the Ashfield area have been left behind in this Digital Age and still do not have access to a computer or the internet!  Some people may have a Computer but don’t have the confidence or skills to use it.

  • Often we see or hear “more information is available online at -‘ or “see our webpage at ……..’.
  • We provide access to computers and the internet.
  • No booking necessary, we are a “walk in” project.

Friendly help and advice from experienced staff and volunteers to support you at your own pace.

Would you or anyone you know benefit from joining us at the Access project?

Drop in for for information and find out more

2018 Opening Times

Monday (excluding Bank Holidays)



10 – 12

10 – 12


1  – 3

1 – 3

how can I benefit from computers and the internet?

    • Information
      • They call it “The Information Highway” for a reason!
      • Research a person
      • Learn about an event from history
      • Look up online databases and websites
      • find out about the world
    • Creativity
      • Learn and be inspired by others
      • create your own work, show it off to the world!
    • Finding Work
      • Job searching
    • Communication (email, blogs, forums)
      • Forums are still a good source of information.
    • Solutions to a Problem or Project.
    • Education
    • Health Information
      • find out about health issues and local health contacts.
    • Government Services
    • Community Projects
      • what is going on locally? more than you think.
    • Economic enhancement
      • getting competitive quotes
      • shopping
      • finding out about money matters
    • Hobbies and Interests


Steven Wass, Access Project Manager 01623 555551 or 01623 784345

Thanks to Funding by
Nottinghamshire County Council