Social Car Scheme

Social Car Scheme

Providing transport for those who have difficulty using or are unable access public transport provided by volunteer drivers.

Our Clients are people who, find it difficult or impossible to use public transport, this could be due to mobility problems or simply because they do not live near a bus route.  Clients register with our service once a year, once registered they can phone one of our offices to book a journey.  The cost of the journey is based on mileage from the drivers home. Our clients use the service for visits to hospital, GP surgeries, day and community centre’s or perhaps to visit friends.  Drivers will often wait for the client if they have an appointment.  We have numerous clients who have been using our service for many years, building up trust and friendship with our volunteer drivers. We receive great feedback and for the service our volunteer drivers provide.

Our Drivers are volunteers who use  their own cars  and  time to help  others. Drivers go through a DBS check process prior to joining our team and they can give as much or little time as  they want.  Most of our drivers have been working with us for many years and enjoy getting out and about meeting people whilst providing a valuable service.

The car scheme is open Monday – Thursday 10am – 1pm.

For more information on registering with our Social Car Scheme call: 0115 963 7261.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver please check the volunteer page on our website for more information.

“A valuable and worthwhile service.  I found it invaluable in the care of my husband and would like to register my gratitude for the kindness of the drivers who were so patient in their treatment to him”.

“Thank you for being so prompt in my hour of need.  I am so grateful for the service you provide.  Keep up the good work”.