Our work around patient engagement

Ashfield Voluntary Action’s work around Patient Engagement

Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group (or CCG) is the part of the NHS which plans and pays for health services locally. Ashfield Voluntary Action works in partnership with Mansfield and Ashfield CCG supporting their work on patient engagement.

What does Ashfield Voluntary Action do to support the CCG on patient engagement?

Ashfield Voluntary Action works in a variety of ways to support this work on patient engagement.

We work in partnership with other voluntary sector organisations and act as a vehicle to feed back the comments and experiences of these groups to Mansfield and Ashfield CCG.

We work directly with service users through our own projects and support them to share their patient experience through the appropriate channels.

We work closely with Mansfield and Ashfield CCG’s Communications and Engagement Team ensuring that our experience, extensive networks and knowledge of what’s happening in the community informs the CCG.

We work with Patient Participation Groups (PPGs); helping them to plan health events, recruit new members, develop newsletters or websites, and any other activity which helps to strengthen the PPG and enable them to work effectively to support their GP practice and patient community.

We support local community and voluntary groups with a health remit; helping them from everything to: starting up, developing a business plan, project development, fundraising, publicity and promotion, or planning an event.

We have template flyers to promote your PPG which can be tailored for your PPG


We have produced a series of simple guides, in conjunction with Mansfield CVS, which are aimed at Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and provide helpful tips on things like planning an event and recruitment. Contact Sarah Taylor to access a wide range of resources to support you PPG.


To find out more about the ways in which Ashfield Voluntary Action can support you or your group, please contact:

Sarah Taylor

Health and Wellbeing Officer

Email: s.taylor@ashfieldvoluntaryaction.org.uk

Telephone: 01623 555 551