Volunteer registrations for vaccination centres now closed


Ashfield Voluntary Action has been working in partnership with Mansfield CVS and have been working tirelessly to recruit volunters to support the mass vaccination programme. Teresa Jackson, CEO of Ashfield Voluntary Action, said, "...we invited members of the community to come forward and volunteer as stewards to help support the largest Public Health initiative in our lifetime. The response has been overwhelming and once again, I am heartened to see how many people in Ashfield are willing to help and work together for the benefit of the community. The response has been so good that we have actually closed the programme to more volunteers for now. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for offering your support. The only way out of this dreadful pandemic is for us to all pull together and the people of Ashfield have certainly done that and shown the extent to which they are prepared to put themselves out for the good of others."  


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