Mental Health and Wellbeing through the Coronavirus


Every Mind Matters


Every Mind Matters is an NHS resource providing information and advice on mental health and the Coronavirus. The site also includes a simple test which you can use to create your own mind plan - tailored just for you.


The Every Mind Matters website is split into twelve subject areas covering all aspects of living through the Coronavirus and how to stay well mentally:


Employment and benefit matters. 

Planning practical things.

Stay connected.

Talk about your worries.

Look after your body.

Stay on top of difficult feelings.

Don't stay glued to the News.

Carry on doing things you enjoy.

Take time to relax.

Think about your new daily routine.

Look after your sleep.

Keep your mind active.


Click HERE to go to their website.


Mental Health Foundation 


The Mental Health Foundation is the UK's leading charity on mental health. The charity was established in 1949 with the aim of promoting good mental health through providing advice and guidance.


The charity has a very informative website which includes advice and guidance on a wide-variety of subjects such as:


Looking after your mental health and wellbeing when staying at home. 

Nurturing relationships during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Talking to your children about the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Staying at home and abusive relationships.

Mental health advice for older people during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Beyond Panic Buying.


Their website provides short and to the point advice and may be found by clicking HERE.


Nottingham Mental Health Support Group


This is a community peer support Facebook group run by people who have experience of  mental health problems. The group is not made up of health professionals but rather, people who have themselves experienced mental health difficulties.


The group aims to create friendships with people who have had similar experiences, to help dispel loneliness & support each other. Click HERE to access this group.






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