Eating well through the Coronavirus


The Coronavirus has caused many challenges; from having to rely on what's in your freezer and storecupboard, making healthy choices in difficult circumstances, and unexpectedly feeding children three meals a day and the financial pressure that brings. Click on the links below for information and resources which might help you.



Eating healthily through the Coronavirus


The BDA (British Dietetic Association) has produced useful guidance on eating heathily through the Coronavius, reminding us of the role of a healthy diet in supporting our immune system. The BDA provides information and advice on eating well, as well as practical strategies to keep us on track including menu planning and shopping. The BDA provides us with the information to help us to make healthy choices and gives us practical strategies on avoiding the temptation of unhealthy snacks. Cick HERE to find out more.


Fruit, vegetables and eating seasonally


Fruit and veg are a great way of contributing towards a healthy, balanced diet. Not only is it good for your health, but it's good for your pocket and the environment too.


There are all sorts of ways you can 'encourage' children to eat fruit and veg without even realising it. Seasonal vegetables are usually cheap and plentiful and perfect for a wide range of dishes. And for those family members who are not so keen, seasonal vegetables in pasta, curries, stews and soups are good on the pocket as well as the heart. Next time you make a cottage pie try a few diced carrots, or peas and sweetcorn in with the mince and top the mince with swede and potato, or sweet potato and top with cheese - sure to become a family favourite whilst helping them to eat their five-a-day.


The BBC Good Food website has a searchable database which includes step-by-step recipes, shopping lists, nutritional information as well as telling you how easy recipes are to make and how long it will take. Click HERE to go to BBC Good Food website.   


Eat Seasonably has an online interactive calendar (which is currently being updated) which gives you information at a glance on the fruit and veg in season in the UK month-by-month. Click HERE to access Eat Seasonably's online calendar.


Don't forget that tinned and frozen vegetables can count as part of your five a day too and are always handy to keep in the cupboard. Ideally fruit should be tinned in juice rather than syrup and keep an eye on the levels of salt and sugar in other tinned fruit and vegetables.


Healthy meals from limited ingredients


The British Nutrition Foundation has information on making healthy meals from limited ingredients and looks at foods that you can substitute for more popular and less readily available choices. They offer advice on cooking from your store cupboard, involving children in planning and preparing meals and achieving a healthy balance. To find out more click HERE


The Patient Info website includes a feature on cupboard basics, freezer essentials and the importance of planning your shopping. To go to their website click HERE.


Children - filling the bottomless pit - where you can get help


Whilst children are off schoool, they may be eating you out of house and home. The government recognises that families with children who are eligible for free school meals can really struggle. Schools are to issue supermarket vouchers to the value of £15 per week per child to help families out. Click HERE to find out more about the scheme. 


Also, don't forget a great way to encourage children to try new things is to get them involved in cooking. BBC Good Food's website includes a section on recipes especially written and prepared for children. Click HERE to go to this section of the website.




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