Exercising through the Coronavirus


We all know that exercise is good for mind and body, but achieving this at the moment might feel like a bit of an uphill struggle. 


We have put together some ideas, information and resources to help you along which are aimed for everyone; young and old.


Keeping kids active

Killing two birds with one stone - when exercise doesn't feel like exercise

Exercise for older people


Keeping kids active


With most children being off school they are not getting the chance to run about and exercise as part of their normal school day. For their well-being (and your sanity) finding a way for them to burn off some energy is good for them, good for you, and may stop them from dismantling your house!


Many of the exercise and activities your children might normally enjoy; like team sports and swimming are simply not possible at the moment. But there are other things you can do to keep them active and engaged. 


Getting them going in the morning - why not start off their day with PE with Joe? Every weekday morning there is a new twenty minute session with Joe Wicks who has become something of an internet sensation with his PE sessions which can be accessed either through his website or on YouTube. Click HERE to go to Joe Wicks website or HERE to go to his sessions on YouTube.


If you just need them to burn off some energy, or the weather is not great, check out the website of the NHS initiative Change 4 Life. They have created some really good Disney themed games designed to get your children moving as they dance and exercise with their favourite Disney characters. Click HERE to go to their website.


If the weather allows, why not get them outside? The website Kidadl has a list of fifteen ideas for boredom busting games and activites to keep them busy, including making your own obstacle course, playing hopscotch or making their own garden den. Click HERE to go to their website.


Or take them on a walk and do a scavenger nature hunt at the same time, it doesn't matter if you live in the most built up of areas, there will still be things to find. Click on the images below to download two nature scavenger checklists; one for readers and one for pre-school age children.



Killing two birds with one stone - when exercise doesn't feel like exercise


One really good form of exercise that we don't give much thought to is doing chores around the house. We might not think that hoovering and cleaning are exercise, but actually they can provide a good workout and get those muscles moving. Cleaning the house is an excellent way of exercising whilst helping you to keep those nasty germs away.


Gardening is a great way of getting some fresh air. Tidying up your garden will help you to make the most of the space whilst we all have to stay at home and can do wonders for your wellbeing. Get those gardens summer ready for when the Lockdown rules are finally relaxed. Children love to join in and it's another way of keeping them involved and teaching them about nature, so ticks off some of those learning goals.



Exercise for older people


Older people are more likely to be affected by Coronavirus, as they may have been asked to shield themselves and may live alone. Family not being allowed to visit can add to the sense of isolation we are all experiencing through these difficult times.


Exercise is a really good way of maintaining your strength, balance and health whilst increasing your sense of wellbeing. The NHS has produced a number of excercise sheets; each with a different focus which can help you to keep moving and keep well. So why not put on your radio, turn up the volume and move with the music.


Click on the links below to download these exercise sheets:



And remember, Ashfield Voluntary Action is here to help. We run a service to support older people. To find out more about our work with older people click HERE




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