Helping teenagers through the Covid-19 pandemic


Whilst the UK government is likely to ease the lockdown restrictions in the next few days, these are likely to be small, step-by-step changes. Boris Johnson has already indicated that he will 'proceed with extreme caution' to ensure that there is not a second wave of the Covid-19 virus.


Many people have struggled with their mental health and wellbeing through lockdown. Teenagers are likely to find the restrictions particularly difficult, as they are at an age where relationships with their peers are extremely important. 


Mind and Young Minds are two charities which provide information and support, to help young people to manage their feelings and to support parents and carers when talking to their teens. Childline provides a safe and supportive environment for young people to talk about their feelings. My Tutor is an online resource providing resources, support and learning materials for children and young people.




Mind - the charity for better mental health has produced a range of guidance aimed at supporting teenagers through the Coronavirus pandemic. The website includes information on the following aspects of supporting young people through these difficult times. 


  • How to talk with my teen about coronavirus.
  • How to support my teen's wellbeing.
  • How to help my teen stay safe online.
  • How to support my teen with changes to mental health treatment or support.
  • How to support my teen with changes to other support.
  • How to support my teen with changes to school or college.
  • How to support my teen if we're apart.
  • Where else to get further help and support.


Click HERE to go to the Mind website.




The charity, Young Minds provides an excellent range of guidance and advice for children and young people experiencing anxiety and mental health issues. Their website includes a wide range of topics such as: 


  • I am feeling anxious all the time. 
  • My mood is low because of all the bad news.
  • I am struggling with self isolation.
  • I have lost a loved one due to Coronavirus.
  • What else can I do to look after my mental health.


Click HERE to go to the Young Minds website.








Childline provides support where children and young people can call, chat or email or talk to their peers through message boards. The website also includes topics such as:


  • What is coronavirus?
  • 10 tips to cope during lockdown.
  • Help if you're worried.
  • Coping with schools closing.
  • If you're feeling unwell.

Call childline for free on 0800 1111 between 9.00am and midnight or click HERE to go to their website.


My Tutor


My Tutor is an online resource providing resources, support and learning materials for children and young people. Their website includes a blog an in-depth guide called, 'The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety'


Right now, millions of teens are at a higher risk from online predators as they spend more time on the internet whilst the pandemic lockdown is in place.


The guide offers plenty of valuable information such as:


A practical guide for parents on how to keep teens safe online, including useful summaries of popular internet apps as well as the types of threats teens could be exposed to online.


Safety tips for using apps such as Instagram, TikTok (which has gathered 1 billion users in only two years), YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp. We also cover advice and safety tips for teens playing online multiplayer video games.


Other online safety topics and advice on sharing personal information, socialising online, cyberbullying, harmful content, influencers, body image and mental health for teens online.


Links to additional internet safety resources for parents from well-respected sources such as the NSPCC and the UK government’s own guidelines.


Check out the full guide HERE.


This guide contains plenty of helpful information such as:


  • Useful tips and ideas for parents homeschooling their children during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Written by Emma Bradley, a qualified teacher and mum of three, the blog is full of details from her personal experience – a great source of inspiration for other parents.
  • Advice on a range of topics; including how to structure the day, how to give children a choice in what they do, how to give teens a sense of purpose, and how to make learning fun.
  • Advice on supporting your teen’s mental health during lockdown.
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