New course for women going through the Menopause

Ashfield Voluntary Action is working in partnership with ABL and a number of other partners to deliver a six week course to support women going through, or approaching, the Menopause.


The Menopause is a time of significant change and it can be a challenge to adjust to changes to your body, your health and well-being. Would you like to learn more about the changes you may be going through, get support on the management of symptoms, and learn how to live well through the Menopause?


When this course was first scheduled, it was going to be face-to-face, but due to Covid restrictions this is not possible at this time. We changed to an online platform and are working in partnership with ABL, Your Health, Your Way, who now have a great deal of experience in delivering sessions online. ABL is also joined by a Gynaecologist Consultant from Kings Mill in Week 3 who will lead on clinical interventions to manage the Menopause. 


The course starts on Thursday 22nd April from 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm and consists of six weekly sessions; each lasting 2 hours. 


Sessions range from identifying physical and emotional aspects of the Menopause, and looks at physical body changes and the impact on emotional health and everyday life. Together we will explore the help and support clinical interventions can offer, staying well during this time such as developing hobbies and interests, along with making sure of good bone health and limiting falls prevention, and finally having a good diet and nutrition.


The course is supported by a range of low intensity activities, stretching, core strengthening and low impact body circuits.


The sessions are delivered through Zoom and will start on Thursday 22nd April from 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm for six weeks. Sessions are free and Ashfield Voluntary Action can support you if you need help in getting online.


To book your place, or find out more, ring Ashfield Voluntary Action on 01623 555 551 or email,uk and we look forward to you joining us.

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