What's happening locally - current pressure on Kings Mill Hospital

NHS pressures - the latest information from NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG and ICS...


As you will have seen, our hospitals and GPs are under significant pressure, and it is more important than ever that people choose the right service and get vaccinated against the virus.


The latest public stats paint a very serious picture in our hospitals.


We have seen 362 admissions relating to Covid-19 in the seven days to 2 January, which compares to 213 in the previous 7-day period.


We had 443 beds occupied by Covid+ patients on 4 January, this compares to 270 beds on 28 December.


Of those 443 beds, 5% (24 beds) were mechanically ventilated and in the most critical condition.


In the week from 30 December – 5 January there were 25 deaths, which compares to 26 the previous week.


And to put the importance of a jab into perspective - At NUH 73.7% of patients in the most critical care are unvaccinated (as of 5 January).


Latest visiting info for NUH can be found HERE


Latest visiting info for SFH (including King's Mill Hospital) can be found HERE.  


There is also a big push on discharging patients from hospital at the moment. Discharge teams across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire health and social care are working together to help patients leave hospital sooner once they are well enough to help protect them and get them into a safer environment. Hospital is the best place for patients who are very unwell, but being at home in their own environment once they are well enough enables them to recover more quickly. Find out more HERE.  




Last year we administered just under 2 million vaccinations and following the huge push before Christmas we have now boosted 60% of over 18s in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. 


Now the mass push for boosters is over, we would like to focus on reaching those groups who have not come forward for first, second or booster vaccinations yet and our comms will be focusing on this in the next few weeks. 


In terms of booster vaccinations, the current focus is on 18-40 year olds - we are expecting a national NHS campaign to support this.


We are also keen to focus on those who have still not come forward for 1st and 2nd doses.


Next week the school teams will be heading back out to vaccinate 12-15-year-olds in schools. There is some information about this on our website which you can share. The key message to parents is to look out for the consent forms and to make sure their child is booked in. If they would rather not be vaccinated in schools, we do have specialist clinics. You can find this info on our website.



Like many other areas we are seeing lots of people not attending vaccine appointments at the moment. Any social posts or messaging to remind people to cancel appointments if they have walked in elsewhere or to rebook for 28 days after having a positive Covid-19 result would be a great help.


The deadline for frontline healthcare staff to be double jabbed is approaching (1st April) - in order to make sure a person is double jabbed by this date, the last date they can get their first jab is 3rd Feb.



You can help by making sure that you wash you hands, wear a mask or face shield if you are able to do so and get vaccinated against the virus.


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