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Due to the Coronavirus all face-to-face groups and support are suspended at present. However, we are still offering telephone support, so if a chat would help, get in touch on 01623 555 551 or email Check out our Staying Safe at Home sheets which you can find HERE and for a better understanding of how the project is working at present download our project description which you can find HERE.


Please check out the NEWS section of our website and our presence on social media for regular updates and the information, resources and services available at this time. 




For many years, Ashfield Voluntary Action provided a flexible and tailored wrap-around  service to meet the needs of older members in our community through the Lifestyles project. This innovative and flexible project especially targeted those who were at risk of falls or social isolation. Sadly, whilst this project was funded by Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group for a number of the years, they have decided not to fund the project going forward.




We believe that this is a vital service providing invaluable support to older people across Ashfield and Mansfield. We are currently conducting a review of the service we offer to support the older residents of Ashfield and are looking at a variety of funding opportunities. Basically, we think that this is too important a service to lose as it literally provides a lifeline to older members of our community.


We see this challenge as the opportunity to develop a service which is even more flexible and responsive than previously, reaching out to the wider community with a much wider range of support.




We know how vital our service is. As soon as the current restrictions on social isolating are relaxed we will restart our popular 'Loving Life and Living Well' sessions. So keep an eye on our website and social media to find out more. Until we can provide a physical presence, Samantha Clarke, is producing weekly activity and information sheets. Click on the images below to download the sheets.




Loneliness and isolation can lead to a variety of health and wellbeing issues. Using our experience, knowledge, position in the community and working together with local people we hope to provide a range of services to benefit all needs. From group activities to befriending, check-in calls to video chat or shopping trips to surfing the net, Ashfield Voluntary Action’s new support service will be there for you.


If you would like to talk to someone, or request information on the wide range of ways in which Ashfield Voluntary Action can support you or an older person you know, please complete our simple enquiry form. Please also use this form if you would like information on how you can get involved in befriending or supporting older people in your area.




Some of the people who previously accessed the Lifestyles project had become isolated as a consequence of bereavement and/or a decline in health or mobility and had often lost their confidence.


Our Co-ordinator typically used to visit people in their own home, identifying their needs and signposting them to services which address their physical needs. The Co-ordinator then talked to them about activities which were of interest to them. The Co-ordinator for example, could go along with them to the first session of an art class, chair-based exercise, or lunch club, to break the ice and make it feel like a less daunting experience. This was the aspect of the project which made the real difference and could quite literally be life changing. People who were withdrawn, isolated and depressed, developed a social network and friendships and significantly improved their quality of life, as well as accessing the support services they needed.


If you would like to have some input into our consultation, talk to someone, or request information on the wide range of ways in which Ashfield Voluntary Action can support you, please complete our simple enquiry form. 


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