The Emergency Food Bank has moved on...


Ashfield Voluntary Action has handed over the operation of the Emergency Foodbank into the capable hands of St John's Community Foodbank.


For a number of years Ashfield Voluntary Action ran an Emergency Foodbank, supporting people in Ashfield and Mansfield. Over time, the need for the project has grown and to ensure that the project continues to effectively serve the community Ashfield Voluntary Action handed over the day-to-day operation of the Emergency Foodbank to another charity to take it forward. 


St John's Community Foodbank has been serving their local community for the last five years and agreed to take over this project and continue to work in partnership with Ashfield Voluntary Action, Mansfield CVS, Sutton Christian Fellowship and a number of other organisations so that the Emergency Foodbank, over time, will better meet the needs of people in Ashfield and Mansfield. The Chair of Trustees, Elaine Moulton, commented, "we are really quite excited at the opportunity to work in partnership with other local organisations. Working together will ensure that it will be easier for people to access food parcels in their time of need. We are a community based charity and are totally committed to supporting local people. Working together in partnership like this will mean that we will ultimately be able to provide a better and more responsive service." 


The service has been renamed 'Mansfield and Ashfield Emergency Foodbank' and will be operated primarily as a telephone service (although there will also be additional provision for homeless people who may not have access to a telephone). The scheme went live on Monday 1st April and will run as a REFERRAL SERVICE ONLY. Those in need of a food parcel will be given a unique reference number and a collection point from which they can collect their parcel. In time it is hoped that the scheme will offer a number of collection points to make it easier for people to access food parcels local to them. 


The day-to-day operation of the scheme has passed to St John's Community Foodbank, but Ashfield Voluntary Action and Mansfield CVS continue to provide support by promoting the scheme, lending support with networking and volunteer recruitment, helping to secure funding and working together to identify suitable satellite collection points.


Ashfield Voluntary Action continues to work in partnership with St John's and Mansfield CVS to support the operation of this project which now runs as a telephone referral scheme across Ashfield and Mansfield.




St John's advise us that people have recently been trying to self refer to the scheme. Furthermore, the current situation with food hoarding means that the foodbank is running extremely low on supplies. The foodbank is intended as an emergency stop gap to work alongside other larger local initiatives. Unfortunately Ashfield and Mansfield Emergency Foodbank does not have the resources to meet an increase in need or to change the way it operates. The project is run by a very small team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers who run the foodbank on a shoe string and work very hard to support the community. Unfortunately, whilst they recognise that the current situation is extremely difficult they CANNOT ACCEPT SELF REFERRALS TO THE SCHEME.























Finally, we would like to thank our supporters for their help over the years - your support has been absolutely amazing!




















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