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The Lifestyles Service is commissioned by Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and supports people who are aged 50 and over who are at risk of falls.


This innovative project provides a tailored service which wraps around the individual, ensuring they access the support they need. Many of the people using Lifestlyes have lost confidence resulting from a fall and may become socially isolated.


Some of the people accessing Lifestyles have become isolated as a consequence of bereavement and/or a decline in health or mobility and have often lost their confidence.


Our Lifestyles Co-ordinator typically visits people in their own home, identifying their needs and signposting them to services which address their physical needs. The Co-ordinator then talks to them about activities which are of interest to them. The Co-ordinator for example, can go along with them to the first session of an art class, chair-based exercise, or lunch club, to break the ice and make it feel like a less daunting experience. This is the aspect of the project which makes the real difference and can quite literally be life changing. People who are withdrawn, isolated and depressed, develop a social network and friendships and significantly improve their quality of life, as well as accessing the support services they need.



If you would like to find out more about the project, talk to someone, or request information on the wide range of ways in which Lifestyles can support you, please complete our simple enquiry form.

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