Living Well


Living Well is a re-development and extension of the Lifestyles project offering a wide range of support to adults who want to get the most out of life. 


Living Well provides friendly and tailored support for people who are lonely or isolated. The service helps to build people's confidence and reduce feelings of isolation by providing support for everyone. Living Well offers the following services:


  • Befriending for people who are unable to leave their home or unsure about doing so.
  • Social Activities for those who are keen to meet new friends.
  • Digital Inclusion to support those wishing to explore the world of technology and access the on-line community.


The guiding principles of the initiative are to support people so that they: 


  • Keep busy
  • Stay independent
  • Get connected
  • Enjoy life


Please click HERE or on the image below for information on the project.


The activities we are are in response to community interest. Wherever possible, we offer activities based on what local people have told us what they would like to do.  


Check out the calandar in the 'What's On' section of our website, go to the 'News' section for regular updates, check us out on social media, or dowload our Activities Booklet which gives a flavour of the sessions we currently offer. 


If you would like to have a chat with Yvonne about Living Well, please ring 01623 555 551 or email 


Please check out the NEWS section of our website and our presence on social media for regular updates and the information, resources and services available at this time. 



Loneliness and isolation can lead to a variety of health and wellbeing issues. Using our experience, knowledge, position in the community and working together with local people we hope to provide a range of services to benefit all needs. From group activities to befriending, check-in calls to video chat or shopping trips to surfing the net, Ashfield Voluntary Action’s support service will be there for you.


If you would like to talk to someone, or request information on the wide range of ways in which Ashfield Voluntary Action can support you or someone you know, please complete our simple enquiry form. Please also use this form if you would like information on how you can get involved in befriending or supporting people in your area.




Some of the people who previously accessed the Lifestyles project had become isolated as a consequence of bereavement and/or a decline in health or mobility and had often lost their confidence.


Our Co-ordinator typically used to visit people in their own home, identifying their needs and signposting them to services which address their physical needs. The Co-ordinator then talked to them about activities which were of interest to them. The Co-ordinator for example, could go along with them to the first session of an art class, chair-based exercise, or lunch club, to break the ice and make it feel like a less daunting experience. This was the aspect of the project which made the real difference and could quite literally be life changing. People who were withdrawn, isolated and depressed, developed a social network and friendships and significantly improved their quality of life, as well as accessing the support services they needed.


Whilst the new service is similar in terms of the tailored and individual support it offers, it goes much further in terms of what it can offer people. For example, the pandemic showed us the importance of digital inclusion as people used technology to keep in touch with family members. Whilst we are thankfully now through the worst of the pandemic, the interest in how we can all use the interent remains. So if you would like to learn how you can use technology to keep in touch then Living Well can help you.


If you would like to talk to someone, or request information on the wide range of ways in which Ashfield Voluntary Action can support you, please complete our simple enquiry form. 


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