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Unfortunately we are unable to run the Radiotherapy Car Scheme at present. This is due partly to the Coronavirus and issues around safeguarding volunteers and services users in relation to social isolation and partly due to our need to secure continuation funding for the Radiotherapy Car Scheme. Please check on our website regularly for updates and we hope to recommence this invaluable service as soon as the current situation and funding allow us to do so. 


Ashfield Voluntary Action runs a Radiotherapy Car Scheme (funded by Boots Charitable Trust) in conjunction with Nottingham City Hospital. In our area, all radiotherapy treatment is provided at Nottingham City Hospital. Some cancer patients requiring daily radiotherapy treatment were encountering significant problems in attending sessions, to the extent that some were actually refusing life-saving cancer treatment. The taxi fare to the hospital from the Ashfield area is £40 a day and as patients usually need to attend five weeks of radiotherapy treatment on a daily basis, some simply could not afford to attend.


The hospital provides a non-emergency ambulance service for patients to attend appointments, but this can mean a wait of up to six hours, which can present a serious problem for cancer patients. As we have limited resources both in terms of funding and volunteer drivers, Nottingham City Hospital identifies those patients (often with additional medical needs) who would particularly benefit from the service. We provide nominated patients with free transport to hospital approintments courtesy of our volunteer drivers.


Ted Brennen - one of our fabulous volunteer drivers


We are looking for additional volunteer drivers to help us run this invaluable scheme. Petrol expenses are paid and we ask for proof of appropriate insurance, references and a DBS check. If you are interested, or would like to know more about the scheme, please complete the simple enquiry form below or contact Sarah Taylor on 01623 555 551 if you would like to find out more. 


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