Twiddle Mitts


Twiddle mitts are simple, knitted bands that have items attached so that someone living with dementia can twiddle the band or mitt in their hands. Mitts are usually colourful, with lots of different textures and typically have ribbons, zips, buttons and keys attached. Each one is unique, and they can really help some people living with dementia. They can be particularly useful in easing the anxiety experienced by someone when their environment changes; perhaps through a hospital stay or move into a care home setting.


To request a twiddle mitt please complete our simple one page form, or ring Sarah Taylor at Ashfield Voluntary Action, on 01623 555 551. In these financially uncertain times, our funding has been cut so we would be grateful for a donation towards the cost of a mitt, to ensure that we can continue to offer this service.


Click here to download and print a twiddle mitt request form


Mitts for Men


Twiddle mitts are often in more feminine colours, and we also want to make twiddle mitts which are more likely to appeal to men with themes such as; football, gardening, cricket, rugby, fishing, motor sport and military themes. Depending on the waiting list we anticipate that mitts may take approximately eight weeks to be made, checked and dispatched. To request a themed mitt for residents in Ashfield or Mansfield please contact Sarah Taylor on 01623 555 551, email or complete the request form and return to:


Sarah Taylor, Health & Wellbeing Officer, Ashfield Voluntary Action, Ashfield Health Village, Portland Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17 7AE.


Click here to download and print a Mitts for Men Request Form


If you want to know more about Sheila's Campaign - Mitts for Men please click here.


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